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Discover the Power of AO Scan with Our 3-Day Demo Pass on your smartphone!

Welcome to the world of AO Scan, where cutting-edge bioresonance scanning technology meets holistic wellness! Our 3-Day AO Scan Demo Pass is your passport to experiencing the incredible benefits of this advanced scanning system. Over the next three days, you'll gain valuable insights into your body's energetic fields and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

The Full EZ Scan package is a powerful and comprehensive option for individuals seeking a detailed assessment of their energetic health and well-being. This package combines two essential components: the EZ Scan and SEFI Broadcast Frequencies. Together, they offer a more comprehensive evaluation of the body's energy fields, providing valuable insights into potential imbalances and areas of focus for improved overall wellness.

The Inner Voice Scan is a specialized package within the AO Scan offerings that focuses on exploring and understanding an individual's inner thoughts, emotions, and subconscious patterns. It utilizes the AO Scan technology, which harnesses bioresonance scanning, to delve into the energetic fields of the body and identify potential blockages or imbalances related to the person's emotional well-being.

The Free Quick Discovery Call is an introductory consultation that allows individuals to connect with a qualified practitioner or representative to discuss their health concerns and explore how the AO Scan can help them.

Bob Randklev

Quantum Living Advocate

My Energy Healing Journey For years I’ve studied holistic health and natural healing. I’ve always felt that connection to my subconscious and spirit! A few years ago I became Reiki certified and then started practicing The Emotion Code and Body Code healing on myself. The results were so amazing I decided to become a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner to help others. I discovered frequency scanning was an amazing way to find imbalances and release them to allow your body and soul to heal itself! I continue to study my clairvoyant healing practice and grow with my clients! I'm ready to help you!